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Congratulations, Allen & Meya!


          Meya’s entry for Week #21 was selected for the 100 WC Showcase! Read her entry below: I, King Sisyphus, couldn’t believe my luck. Free of punishment once I rolled a boulder up a hill? Easy. Smiling to myself, I glanced at the retreating robed figure of Hades. I trudged toward […]

The Yellow Bike By: Karen B


Racing down the track, my hands sweating, and the wind blowing through my hair. I could hear my mother shouting “GO GO” as if she was in front of my ear. People stared at her like she was crazy, I laughed. Then, while I was distracted someone suddenly zoomed past me like a flash of […]

The Explosion of the Maine Patrick O.


Tensions between America and Spain had been high but there were no military conflicts until the American Battleship, USS Maine was sunk by an explosion in Havana harbor. She had been evacuating civilians from Cuba when the explosion happened. American people immediately blamed Spain. At this time yellow journalism was in full swing. This brought […]

The Rain by Jasper


An elephant herd of storm clouds tramples overhead, the rain beats down against my face as I run for cover. Freezing cold rain stings my eyes like a bee pebbles of waterfall onto the ground making me slip. Wind lashes against my face, blowing bugs and leaves against my face. The rain, I should have […]

Random sentence


The man that lives across the street in his old creepy house and, with his old grumpy cat glanced out the window.

The Lands Beneath( First Paragraphs) by Colette


Waves splash against the dark moss-covered rocks. Thunder strikes, lightning explodes the haunted gray sky echoes over the waves. Crack! I sit straight up, my neck craned to the ceiling and I let out a loud groan. That was my reoccurring nightmare. Waking up on a cold hard cliff edge, being pulled by the arm […]

The suffering feel


I was the black cat of the town. Bad things happened to people who crossed my path. Every night, I could not escape the nightmares about the children, chubby and laughing, their white cotton shirts reddening with blood, their screeches of pain as ribbons of blood shot across their bodies, withering skin peeling off like […]

Color Haikus by Meya L.


Violet Violet is the  Deep Color of Hyacinths Of peace and constance   Onyx Swirling gemstones and The statement of crow feathers Piercing like onyx   Honey Honey is warm like The color of desert sand Gentle yet striking   Crimson Crimson, the color Of spilled blood and enraged hearts Unpredictable

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Mystic Ambrosia Cake


How to make Mystic Ambrosia Cake. 1 cup unicorn laughter 3 griffin beaks ½ a cup pegasus feathers  13 troll toes 5 devil horns 1 gallon Phoenix tears 2 hippogriff seashells 10 dragon scales 3 millimeters centaur hoof 6 chimera screams 4 siren songs 7 skeleton bones 8 zombie flesh 9 milliliters of godly power […]

It was heavier than I expected (100 word story Jasper)


I knew the news was coming, the night my dad came into my room “We have some sad news,” he said grief in his voice. I turned around in my chair, hoping that he wouldn’t say what he said, “Your grandma died,” I knew this would happen, my dad kept telling me that she was […]

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