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The Beautiful Butterfly (100 Word Challenge) by Michael L.


The beautiful butterfly emerged from its old cocoon, energized and now with wings. 

It jumped into the air, but it didn’t stay afloat. It tried again, flapping its magnificent wings with all of its newly acquired butterfly strength but it fell back down. It tried again and again, trying to use the wind to stay in the air for at least ten seconds or even five small ones, but it did not seem to be working. When it just wouldn’t take off, it did. The butterfly finally flew into the air leaving behind its cocoon, ready to explore the world.


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“The Beautiful Butterfly (100 Word Challenge) by Michael L.”

  1. February 13th, 2021 at 2:45 pm      Reply Fern Tan (Team 100WC) Says:

    Hi Michael! There’s something very poetic about the paradox in “When it just wouldn’t take off, it did” and I like that a lot. I also like how you had the introductory sentence in a paragraph of its own, as it creates some suspense before the butterfly attempts to fly. The phrase “newly acquired butterfly strength” also made me smile. Great work and keep writing!

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