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The Lands Beneath by Colette (a paragraph)


 “ Honey! Honey! Oh for heaven’s sake Evelyn, WAKE UP!!!!!” Mary Jones shouted through the house. It was precisely 12:53pm and although Mary let Evelyn sleep in on weekends, enough was enough. 

“ Don’t make me walk up there Evelyn Josephine Jones!” Mary shouted yet again. She stormed up the carpeted stairs, each step demanding to be heard loud, but muffled from the density of the carpet. She turned the door handle to Evelyn’s room quite ferociously and pushed the door open with a gust of might. Mary was ready to drag her daughter out of bed or dump a cold bucket of water on her face, but there was no one to be seen in the room. Evelyn Josephine Jones was simply nowhere to be seen. Mary threw her head into the closet, looking for her daughter. But just as before Evelyn Josephine Jones was not there. 

“RICHARD!!!!!” she screamed into the house. Her hands began to shake and tremble, her lip quivered, and by the time Mr. Jones arrived in the room, Mary was on the carpet, eyes balling. He looked around the room not picking up on what was happening. 

What is wrong dear?” He said his eyes scanning the room for something out of the ordinary. 

“She-She-” Mary began but cried so hard the words were inaudible. 

“ She what?” Richard asked, his eyebrows raised. What was she crying about drifted into his confused mind? 

“ Evelyn’s Gone” she wailed harder than before. Realization overtook Richard’s blank face, and he collapsed onto his knees to the left of his crying wife. 


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“The Lands Beneath by Colette (a paragraph)”

  1. February 18th, 2021 at 11:32 pm      Reply mlin27 Says:

    I really love this and I was engaged the whole way through.

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