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Mystic Ambrosia Cake


How to make Mystic Ambrosia Cake.

1 cup unicorn laughter

3 griffin beaks

½ a cup pegasus feathers 

13 troll toes

5 devil horns

1 gallon Phoenix tears

2 hippogriff seashells

10 dragon scales

3 millimeters centaur hoof

6 chimera screams

4 siren songs

7 skeleton bones

8 zombie flesh

9 milliliters of godly power

11 cups of lava

15 cups of Minotaur rage

Add witches eyes to taste

Put wizard staff in until it looks good to you 


To make

Stir with Grim Reaper scythe until it turns blood red.

You should be cooking with the heat generated by your enemy’s until a lightning bolt strikes the thing.


Pull out of the oven and put your blood (if you can spare it) sweat and tears and your soul and love. You will know when you’re done because it will say I love you.


Do a sacred dance with it for 30 minutes uninterrupted or else you will have to start the dance over again

Then let it cool for 5 hours at least then eat and live happily ever after.


If you ever eat a second Mystic Ambrosia Cake you will spontaneously combust and then transform into an immortal robot.


P.S This is not really possible and it is fake and for fun hope, you enjoyed this fake recipe.

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“Mystic Ambrosia Cake”

  1. February 23rd, 2021 at 7:48 pm      Reply mlin27 Says:

    Those poor little griffins and trolls

  2. February 23rd, 2021 at 8:12 pm      Reply jzwierstra27 Says:

    They are in a better place called The Fridge.

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