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The Yellow Bike By: Karen B


Racing down the track, my hands sweating, and the wind blowing through my hair. I could hear my mother shouting “GO GO” as if she was in front of my ear. People stared at her like she was crazy, I laughed. Then, while I was distracted someone suddenly zoomed past me like a flash of light. 

Shocked, I pedalled faster trying to catch up to them, it seemed impossible.

I looked at their bike and realized they had the yellow bike. Which meant they had beaten someone else with a yellow and now they had it, this could be my chance to finally get one. 

Determination filled my head, while my feet pedalled as fast as they could. I finally caught up to them, but they were still a bit ahead of me, with only a few seconds left, I pedaled as fast as I could and got closer and closer until I was ahead of them, at the last second I broke the ribbon before them and had won the race! 

Excited, I jumped off my bike and ran to my mother, she seemed more excited than me! A few seconds later a person told me to come follow them, and they brought me to the gold bike which was now mine!


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