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100wc week 31


Jack woke up… he had a smile. He was very whistle. There was a new girl at school and that made him blush as he was sitting up in his bed. His dream was about them paddling together with two oars. They got to the other side of the lake and there was a wrinkled […]



Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jack & he was 13. He had a very odd life considering he was the last kid on earth, he had his parents but they were over 999,999 miles away, there on pluto, along with everyone that ever lived. He was the unlucky child that got […]

my 100 wc Ze’ F


Once upon a time, there was a  mysterious fence… well a half of a fence. But it had a globe atop the 29 on the so-called “fence with no limbs”. That big globe one night had litten’ up. Everyone thought it was black magic so no one would go 29 feet of the fence. It […]

(week #27) 100wc by: Ze’ F


once, there was a violin living in a city. He was always at home with nothing to do. So he would sit in his purple room & play video games… until one day he found a case that looked like a weird cup, so he opened the case & it was an elephant. The elephant […]

100 word challenge by: Z, Franz


Vegemite is very different from marmite! Hi… I’m Frederick, also known as, idiot, stupid, bad boy ect… my brother’s choice of words. I like marmite & my brother likes vegemite, so he tried to make me breakfast with it and forced me to eat it, but I said “no, I like marmite” & my brother […]

100 word story by: Z Franz


He is probably thinking how nice this landscape is and how it has evolved over the years of him working there only getting 5 cents an hour, night and day. He also could be thinking of all the different types of birds that are going on him today and all the different sounds they make. […]

100 word story by: Ze’ F


My character is Donovan Curtis, and he is (short story short) a trouble maker nonetheless, he acts like a juvenile and expects to be acknowledged but in a good way. He has just destroyed his previous school and now he is in a different school that is a much worst fit for his idiotic brain. […]

Hidden Lands by: Ze’ F


  Once upon a time…there was a girl, only yay high but filled from top to bottom with delight, she was so wonderful and always looking for animals the size of dinosaurs or bugs the size of a grain of sand.  And one day, when she was skipping through the forest, she heard a “snap” […]

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