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100 WC week 27 Tatum L


“We are going to be late for your violin lesson!” Izzy’s mom yelled to her from downstairs. “Don’t make me come up there!” she threatened. Of course, Izzy was still in bed. In fact, Izzy was still asleep. Suddenly she sat up. She had a mysterious dream.  She sprinted downstairs in her purple-painted elephant pajamas. Happy Izzy was finally ready, Izzy’s mom smiled then frowned when she saw Izzy’s current condition.”Izzy, what are you doing?” Izzy opened the front door and frantically ripped open the envelope sitting on the front steps. “Meet me at the park at 10:00” 

Week #27 100 word Challenge by Zachary H.


My spring break was like every other spring break I have had but it was only one week instead of two. I was really bumed out about this but that didn’t change my spring break that much. As a very good and exuberant painter. I re-painted the Mona Lisa and done way too many self-portraits. My most favorite painting was when I painted a very happy person. His name was Elephant. & he was very purple. He had a couple of hobbies as a photographer, engineer, sculptor. & he also plays a musical instrument called the violin and plays it very beautifully

100 word challenge week 27 by Ruan


Sally received a letter, she glanced at it and filled with joy she was accepted into the gifted academy! this new school was amazing!  Sally was an outstanding painter she loved painting purple sunsets usually behind rolling green hills with so many happy critters, at this school they had an outstanding art room. They always played violin music while they painted. One day she arrived at school and a new girl was there. sally sat down and glanced at her painting. She was shocked! The girl painted the best elephant she’s ever seen! They bonded over paintings and became friends

(week #27) 100wc by: Ze’ F


once, there was a violin living in a city. He was always at home with nothing to do. So he would sit in his purple room & play video games… until one day he found a case that looked like a weird cup, so he opened the case & it was an elephant. The elephant looked very happy & had a big smile on it. It also had a string attached to it from the behind, so the violin tested it out & the elephant screamed yyyyeeeeaaaahhhh!!!!! & since then he would play there, in his room, pulling that toy all day!!!

100 word story ( Prompt: Violin…Happy…Elephants…Purple…Painted) by Charlotte S.


Jade woke up one morning feeling inspirited. Jade was an artist. She loved painting. Jade grew up in a family of artists. Her mom was a sculpture, her dad was an author, and her big brother was a musician. He did the violin. She painted in vibrant colors like gold, scarlet, indigo, purple, and turquoise. When she painted she felt happy. She went down the hall to her studio. Jade sat down staring at her canvas. She tried to think about all her great experiences: riding elephants in India, scuba diving in Australia, & climbing glaciers in Argentina. And Jade painted.

100 Word Challenge 4/11/21 by Aaron E.


As Fred the Elephant painted his painting for art class, suddenly, he realized he could make it better. He threw the canvas in the recycle-o-Matic and got a new one out, and got to work. He dipped his paintbrush into a jar of purple paint and started to paint a purple violin. After several hours of work, he washed his brushes, threw his paper towel in the recycle-o-Matic, and stepped back to admire his work. He was very happy with his result, so he set it on the drying rack and went to bed.

100 word Challenge Zachary H


One day a boy named Jimmy came home from a long day of school and was very hungry. And mom got something new called marmite. The sound made Timmy’s stomach shern. his mom slid a plate to him as if it were the finals of the great british baking show. It was a piece of toast with a weird black substance on the top. Timmy closed his eyes and took a bite. His mom then took the plate away from him thinking that he didn’t like it, Timmy slammed his hands on the table and sayed “no I like marmite”.


He woke up to the sound of his mom yelling that breakfast is ready. He did his morning routine and went to the table. Toast and marmite are his favourites. “What would you like dear”? His mother said. “Surely not marmite, she asked. “No,” he said. “I like marmite. She gave him a slice of toast. They both sat at the table eating their marmite. When he went to school he felt a weird tingle in his stomach. A tingle that made him rumble. A tingle that made him feel sick. He rushed to the bathroom and barfed in the garbage can and came out and realized he came out of the girl’s bathroom.

100 word challenge by: Z, Franz


Vegemite is very different from marmite! Hi… I’m Frederick, also known as, idiot, stupid, bad boy ect… my brother’s choice of words. I like marmite & my brother likes vegemite, so he tried to make me breakfast with it and forced me to eat it, but I said “no, I like marmite” & my brother stormed off like a little kid & said “make it yourself little bro” & in my head I said “maybe I’ll bro” so I put bread in the blender (no lid) & some marmite! It didn’t go too well… so I’m sitting in my room right now with my stirred-up slush of bread & marmite!!!

100 word challenge-marmite


on the second day of second grade for lunch, I had a bit of toast and some marmite I was made fun of and again in 3rd grade when I also had a marmite sandwich and this pattern repeated a couple of times every year even if I didn’t have marmite here I am in high school I have no friends and I am alone on every break so you can see why it surprised me when a new kid sat down next to me and pulled out a jar of marmite, I said wow I like marmite as well.

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