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100 word story ( Prompt: Violin…Happy…Elephants…Purple…Painted) by Charlotte S.


Jade woke up one morning feeling inspirited. Jade was an artist. She loved painting. Jade grew up in a family of artists. Her mom was a sculpture, her dad was an author, and her big brother was a musician. He did the violin. She painted in vibrant colors like gold, scarlet, indigo, purple, and turquoise. When she painted she felt happy. She went down the hall to her studio. Jade sat down staring at her canvas. She tried to think about all her great experiences: riding elephants in India, scuba diving in Australia, & climbing glaciers in Argentina. And Jade painted.

D-Day As A Paratrooper by Quin Russell


Duck hunting. If you think about duck hunting it seems like a fun event. Most of the time you get to hold your first shotgun and watch as your father laughs at you when you attempt to shoot a bird and the shotgun knocks you on your butt. It can also show a dark past if you concentrate on it.

Shortly after midnight on 6 June, over 18,000 men of the US 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions and the British 6th Airborne Division were dropped into Normandy. Allied paratroopers and glider-borne infantry were well trained and highly skilled, but for many, this was their first experience of combat. You are now thinking what does duck hunting have to do with the most tragic event in history, D-day. Well, as the C-47s made their way over Normandy it wasn’t exactly where you would want to jump out of a plane.

If it still was a plane, you see the C-47s (the planes that carried the paratroopers) were experiencing heavy flak fire as they flew over Normandy. If your plane was hit in one of the two engines it would catch fire, since you are moving so fast the fire would trail off of the engine into the cockpit and the fuselage. Which burned alive all the men on board. Like a duck, it slowly falls out of the sky just as a stricken C-47 does. If you were lucky on D-day you had just jumped out of a C-47 that was heading straight towards the ground in a ball of fire. Now you are defenseless parachuting down to earth with 100 or so other paratroopers hoping to not get shot out of the sky, as you wait for your feet to feel the earth for the first time in 6 hours. Once you are on the ground you quickly scoop up your parachute and gun. While you run across the seemingly never-ending field hoping for a bullet to not come in your way.

While in a dead sprint you step over brave men as they sit there lifeless or in extreme pain and you can’t do anything but watch. Running and running you now entering the woods where you meet up with your company officer. He will give you further instructions to advance. As you advance it comes to mind that the beaches are behind you and the heart of the enemy in front of you. “You are where a para-trooper should be, surrounded,” says First Sergeant Bowman, no way out I thought. When coming to the realization that your company has been tasked with cutting off the main german supply line carrying big guns, and tanks. It will be no easy task, especially for 15 men.

It is now 5 AM as you trudge through the forests when you come to your first rest. The only reason for rest was enemy activity, as 2 jeeps just arrived in a small town. Your friend McLlarky and the maniac he is jumping onto the bridge with his Thompson gun and blazes down the germans. When you get onto the bridge you see a dozen Germans dead and 3 injured waiting to be put out of their misery as they scream. When you hop onto what wasn’t a jeep but a carriage you see dozens of loaves of bread as well as 10 full canteens of water.

You hear shots so you gather what you can then you “SCRAM!” yells First Lieutenant Pierson as a German V2 rocket penetrates the jeep and it suddenly is engulfed in yellow and orange flames. You regain footing and jump off of the bridge and fall about 6 feet before you land and McLarky pulls you into a bush. “Stay down as you run, I will provide cover fire,” he says. “What about you? Won’t you die?” I say back. “Do you think I am ready to go down, Staff Sergeant?” I nodded back as a confirmation then I got ready to go to an all-out sprint. “GO GO GO!” he screams at me. I am running faster than I ever thought I could go and dove into a bush scraping my face and arms. I look behind me and I see an American tank ready to make way for us to continue on our journey.

It didn’t take long for the tank to clear the way. Shortly after I watched in amazement as 5 F4Fs flew overhead, one had bullet wounds on its right-wing. “The sight of American airpower,” McLarky said. I hadn’t noticed he had come up next to me, I was glad he was here as his bravery had pretty much saved me. “Gather up and let’s start advancing to Carenton,” Pierson calls out to the company. We pick up our guns and canteens and we start heading to Carenton. I am glad Pierson knows where he is going, cause I don’t have a single clue where we’re headed. (To be continued)


Adjectives 7 ( The Cat & The Envelope) by Charlotte S.


The Cat & The Envelope


Rigid with fear, sitting up in bed, I stared helplessly as a face rose up in the moonlit window. But it was just a branch. Right? Nervous, I walk over to the window and peek out inspecting. There lay a helpless fluffy blue-eyed white-haired Himalayan cat. It lay sprawled out on the porch. I walk downstairs, the stairs creaking and moaning, ready to go and help it. When I get to the front door my hand stops. I don’t know why but I had a sudden urge to stop dead in my tracks. But, then I heard it, the screech of the helpless cat. It kept screeching loquaciously. And I kept going. Scared, I reached for the handle and touched the cold copper. I oped the door to find, the cat wasn’t there. Instead, there lay an envelope sealed with a blood-red waxed stamp. I pick up the envelope and start to open it but then I stop. The seal didn’t just look blood red, it was real blood. I dropped the envelope. Why would someone do that it is so abnormal? I picked it back up again, but then stopped. There again was the sudden urge to stop frozen, paralyzed in fear. For what reason, I do not know.

the starry sky opening adjectives day 7


Rigid with fear, sitting up in bed, I stared helplessly as a face rose up in the moonlit window, it had a humanoid face contorted in fear as if a great danger had approached. Suddenly the window shattered and it grabbed me, or at least I thought it did. I felt like I was just lifted out of bed, then I blacked out. Scared, I awoke in darkness, luckily I was alive and well I just had a sore head, there was a bright light at the end of what seemed to be a long hallway after what felt like forever I could see the light getting brighter, and brighter, and brighter until I was in a glossy white room with a massive window running around like it was split in half. Curious, I peered out the window and was greeted with a starry sky that’s when I realised I was moving! Moving very very fast! Suddenly the door slid closed and I heard a voice over the loudspeaker it delivered some announcements but it didn’t stop there it’s safe to say that the man was very loquacious or at least I thought it was a man until a  little video icon popped up next to the loudspeaker this man wasn’t really a man more of an extraterrestrial being! It had a big fat nose and bluish skin but that’s it it was a floating head! I almost passed out! How did I get here! And are these aliens? my brain was working overdrive trying to solve these questions. And then an alien walked into the room! He muttered some type of curse? and I fell asleep. Louis? Louis? I heard a familiar voice yell that you’re going to be late for school! Phew, I said it was just a dream but then I turned around and saw a blue sphere as big as a ballpark materialised then disappeared as suddenly as it came.

100 word challenge-marmite


on the second day of second grade for lunch, I had a bit of toast and some marmite I was made fun of and again in 3rd grade when I also had a marmite sandwich and this pattern repeated a couple of times every year even if I didn’t have marmite here I am in high school I have no friends and I am alone on every break so you can see why it surprised me when a new kid sat down next to me and pulled out a jar of marmite, I said wow I like marmite as well.

100 words ( Marmite) by Charlotte s.


“Luna,” yells my older brother Luke.

 “ Fine.” I groan & push the willow off my head. I get dressed & see myself standing in the mirror. I see a girl with curly dark brown hair & dark skin, with sapphire blue eyes. I walk down the hallway to see Luke eating toast. He always has a variety of choices so I ask. “ Luke, what is on your toast?” 

“ Maermote.” He responds with his mouth full. 

“ What?” I say why can’t he just chew with his mouth closed.

“ Marmite.” He says mouth closed. 

“ I hate Marmite,” I whisper. 

But he says, “ I like Marmite.” 

100 WC week 25 by Meya L


They say I surfaced out of nowhere, a grinning figure constructed of oxidized copper. Situated behind me was an overgrown garden that hadn’t been tended in many years. Some say I was set there to protect the garden, but others say I was a curse set by an evil sorcerer, meant to curse the garden. Me? I’m just waiting. For what? Maybe a miracle? A tragedy? A twisted wish? I don’t know. Or maybe I don’t have a purpose. Maybe I’m meant to stand under the fading sky till the end. Shhhhh… the winds lull me to sleep.

A Story By: Karen B


You could hear the droplets splat on the floor as rain poured on my head. I was eating muffins when I started to hear clicking on the floor instead of the droplets splashing on the floor. 


A woman who looked about the same age as me came to the bench I was sitting on. She looked at the bench and then sat down across from me. 


She took out her lunch and then looked up and waved at me. I was surprised she had only just realized I was there, the bag I had my muffin in was very loud. I waved back at her and smiled. I spoke, but she didn’t hear me?  I kept repeating myself louder and louder each time until I realized she was deaf. She saw my mouth moving and signed for me to wait a moment. 


She went in her bag and pulled out what looked like a broken hearing aid. She put it in her and took off her mask and that is when I realized….


She was the girl I bullied in elementary school. I broke her hearing aids each time I saw them.


I took off my mask and that is when she realized who I was too. She dropped her lunch and ran. 


I grabbed the bag and looked in it, all it had was an apple that looked like it had been sitting out for days, it looked gloomy and frightful. She had a very slim figure and only had an apple for lunch. 


I figured she might want some real food.  

I only lived three blocks away so I walked home and made food for her. I cooked scrambled, rice, a few potstickers, and teriyaki chicken. 


I shoved it all in a bag and ran over to the bench as fast as I could, I kept going straight from there because that is the way she went when she ran away.


I ran as hard as I could when I spotted her glowing blue hair waving in the wind.

my 100 word story 2


As I stood there I thought of what got me here, see I was a wee little lad when the problem started. The problem of curiosity, that’s what got me into this mess. What happened was, I was exploring the country for them little lizards that were so good in a stew. my momma told me not to stray too far but of course, that’s what I did. It was nighttime by the time I started headin home, a mysterious lady appeared out the night, she muttered some type of curse, and suddenly I was stuck. Frozen as a statue. 

The Statue by Charlotte S.


100 words

The Statue by Charlotte S.

The statue stood there, glistening in the shadow of the roses that grew surrounding the petite cottage. It st there watching, waiting, listening, to the sounds of the garden. The birds chirped like a lullaby. The roses bloomed bright scarlet. And the statue stood & watched. As the Spring turned to Summer, it stood there. Summer turned to Fall.  It stood there. Fall turned to Winter and the garden started to fade away. The birds stopped chirping, the roses started to wither. The sounds of the garden had disappeared, & the statue stood there. Watching, waiting, & listening for spring to come again. 


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