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The Land of the Lost Girl By Tatum L



Chapter 1

The girl lay motionless in the grassy meadow. There was a slight breeze that made the long grasses move in a mesmerizing wave. 

Suddenly the girl sat up. She looked around. A memory flashed into her mind. She was falling. From where? She didn’t know, and now she was here, alone, with no memory whatsoever except that of her falling. 

Her first instinct was to call for help. She looked around frantically as though something, anything would happen, or appear, but nothing did. She was alone. She began to get up onto her feet.  She couldn’t just stay here forever in this mysterious place. There had to be some type of person or animal here on this, what is it? 

For the first time, the girl noticed there was a drop, a cliff about 10 yards in front of her. She walked over to it. Down, down, down into the cold icy waters of the ocean. The waves splashed up onto the cliffs spraying a white mist. 

“Ocean,” she thought. She then looked up. In front of her was the edge of a cliff. Behind her and to the left of her were miles and miles of the long grassy meadow. Though to the right of her, was a forest. She began to walk towards it, hoping she could find someone, something, some sort of life. 

As she trudged through the grassy field towards the forest, a slight breeze came from behind her. For the first time, she noticed her hair. It went all the way down to the crook of her elbow. She then looked down and saw what she was wearing. Blue denim jeans. She knew what those were. On the top half of her body, she was wearing a white shirt with blue lettering. It read: Salem, Oregon. “That didn’t ring a bell.  

The grassy field transformed into a mossy floor of fallen sticks and leaves cracking beneath her feet. As she walked, gigantic things began to appear. They had long white stems and a big round top that was a bright red with round spots of white here and there, and they were at least twice as tall as her. The word was on the tip of her tongue. Mrushooms? Mroomshooms? No those aren’t right. Mushrooms! That was it! 

She kept on walking. 

She had been walking for hours now and was beginning to lose hope when she came to a clearing.

 Chapter 2

 In the clearing stood a little cottage. It was overgrown with vines and beautiful purple flowers. She ducked out of the trees and into the wide clearing. She walked down the stone path. She was about to knock on the door when she quite suddenly paused, her knuckles two inches away from the door. A terrible thought had occurred to her. What if the someone in the house didn’t want her here? But she needed to find out where she was and what had happened. As she battled her thoughts the door swung open. Standing in the doorway was a gnome-like person. He was no taller than three feet and was wearing brown trousers and a little flannel shirt, and to top it all off, he had a pointy red hat sitting on top of his head. 

“Well I’ll be damned, it’s an earthling,” muttered the little person. For a moment they stared at each other in silence, finally, he spoke up, “My name is Borfi, and you are?” 

“Well you see I’m not exactly sure,” the girl said. “I just woke up in a grassy meadow in this place and now i’m here.” 

“I see,” said Borfi “That’s quite a mind-boggler. Well, won’t you come in for tea?” 

“Um, sure,” said the girl, hesitating slightly. They walked into the cozy cottage.                                                                                                                                                        

Chapter 3

Borfi brought in a tray with tea and biscuits and sat down in the armchair opposite to the one the girl was sitting in.

 “ So you began to tell me about how you got here, could you explain your journey a bit more in depth? So the girl told him as much as she could remember from falling to the cliff to the mushrooms to the squirrel to the clearing to the moment she saw him. 

“Well that is quite a story,” Borfi said. “Now you see, I feel we should find a name for you, y’know one that suits you well. We don’t want to be calling you “girl” now do we?”

 “I guess not,”

 “Well then, I see your shirt says Salem, Oregon. A thing on earth I would imagine. Salem would be quite a name wouldn’t it?”

 “What is this “earth” you keep talking about? And yes that would be a fine name for me I think,” the newly named Salem asked. 

“Why, earth is where you came from,” Borfi remarked, munching on a biscuit. 

“Well if we’re not on earth… where are we?” Salem asked.

 “Follow me,” Borfi said. 

They got up and went towards the left of the room. They climbed up a very small spiral staircase, fit for a gnome, which led to another room. It was filled with bookshelves. Lots and lots of books. There was rays of sunlight coming into the room from the windows making little rainbow prism affects. Borfi then opened a little section in a bookshelf and walked through into another room. Salem had to duck to fit through the door. As she ducked into the room she saw a room, full to the brim with maps. There were maps of every and any planet or place you could imagine. But they were real places of course. 

“The island of Ebra, Planet Edessa, ELectron, ah here we are, Earth,” Borfi said, running his finger along the “E” section of the maps.

 He pulled out multiple maps of the earth down from the shelf. He layed out a big map onto the table. 

“This is earth. Where you came from. It is a planet located in the Milky Way Galaxy,” he said pointing to the map. 

“If that’s where I came from, then where am I now?” Salem asked. Borfi pulled a Map out from “T” section.

 “We are on the island of Tadeh.”

 “Ok… But where exactly are we in terms to earth?” Salem responded.

 “Well you see that’s the thing, technically we are directly above earth, just in a void between time and space, that’s why you can’t see us from earth and we cant see earth from here,”

 “Well if you were to get back to earth, how would you do it?” Salem asked.

 “Well you see that’s nearly impossible and extremely dangerous,” Borfi responded in a voice as if he wanted to end the discussion.

 “Well what am I supposed to do just stay here the rest of my life in this weird forgein place I don’t even know?” Salem responded in a voice that sounded much less angry in her head. 

“There is a way but we would be putting both of our lives in great danger,” Borfi responded. “Please,” was all Salem said. 

Borfi knew how the girl felt. He too was from a different planet. The Planet of Shulker. It was a beautiful place full of waterfalls and rainforests. His planet had been attacked, when he was just 9,000 years old. He was one of the only ones who survived. He wanted to help this girl so badly, so he said “Maybe, just maybe, there is a way.” 

“Oh Borfi, thank you, thank you, thank you!” Salem exclaimed excitedly. 

“Now, now don’t go getting your hopes up,” Borfi responded. And so, that was that.

Chapter 4

The next morning, Salem was greeted with a warm cup of tea. After a brief discussion about “the plan,” they set off on their mission. Borfi led Salem down a long alleyway on the side of the cottage. At the end of it, there was an elevator. They got in and went deep, deep underground. It was around 5 minutes, when the elevator finally came to a stop. The doors opened and they stepped out into a beautiful crystal cavern. Salem was quite amazed by what she saw. In front of them, floating in the water, was a big submarine, of course Salem had no idea what this huge piece of machinery was. There was a stone dock leading out into the submarine and the water in front of the giant submarine was sustained by glass. “This,” said Borfi proudly, “is my submarine.” 

“Submarine?” Salem asked, clearly confused.

 “It’s like a boat but underwater,” Borfi explained. “And it’s completely safe too,” he added on. “Ok… ,” Salem said a little apprehensive.  Borfi opened the steel door and showed Salem inside, closing the door behind him. Inside the submarine were a few leather chairs and to the right was the front of the submarine, where there were tons, and tons of different buttons, and leavers, and switches.

 “What do all these do?” Salem asked Borfi. 

“Lots of things you can’t even imagine.” he responded contently. He sat down in the chair with all the buttons surrounding him. “Go sit down, and hold on tight,” 

What happened next was quite astonishing. He pushed a series of buttons and pulled a lever. Suddenly, there was a huge woosh of bubbles. The glass sustaining the water suddenly opened in a circular motion and the water came flooding in. The submarine jumped forward. Salem almost fell out of her seat because of the amount of force that the submarine had made. Off they went. As they flew through the water, Salem saw many different types of amazing sea creatures; beautiful purple whales, and bright green sharks. Of course, Salem had never seen such  things, that she remembered at least. They started to go deep deep down into the scary depths of the water. At one point there was a crazy looking fish with one eye on the top of his head which came straight up to Salem’s window and almost gave her a heart attack. 

About an hour later Salem looked out the window. She saw the bottom of the ocean. And Borfi was going straight for it

. Borfi stop what are you doing?!” screamed Salem. 

“Trust me, it will just be one second just hold on tight,” responded Borfi extremely calmly. Salem closed her eyes ready to die but all there was, was a ka-thump and then there there were sitting in a forest of burnt down trees and soul sucking greyness. 

“Where are we?” 

“Earth,” Borfi responded looking around sadly.

 He had let the girl down. ”Oh,” said Salem, losing all hope. 

“There must be someone here,” Borfi said, trying to sound enthusiastic although clearly it wasn’t working. . “The last time I was down here earth was thriving. Children running, adults doing their daily jobs.” 

“What happened,” Salem muttered softly although the whole world could hear. 

“Not everything lasts forever Salem,” he whispered looking down at his feet. They started walking. No one spoke for hours and hours. They just looked down at their shoes and walked sulking. For hours and hours, nothing happened. Then… Salem looked up, and what she saw, was a sign. And the worn down lettering read

 “Salem, Oregon.” “Borfi!” Salem said, trying to get him to look up. 


 “Oh my-” said Borfi as he saw what the sign read. Salem started to run. “Wait!” Borfi exclaimed, not able to keep up with his short legs. Finally, he caught t up to her. 

 They ran through spooky buildings and into run-down houses until they heard a voice. “Genevieve!” A frantic voice cried. Genevieve turned around. Then the memories swooshed through her mind. 


The Explosion of the Maine Patrick O.


Tensions between America and Spain had been high but there were no military conflicts until the American Battleship, USS Maine was sunk by an explosion in Havana harbor. She had been evacuating civilians from Cuba when the explosion happened. American people immediately blamed Spain. At this time yellow journalism was in full swing. This brought America ten times closer to war.

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