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The Rain by Jasper


An elephant herd of storm clouds tramples overhead,

the rain beats down against my face as I run for cover.

Freezing cold rain stings my eyes like a bee

pebbles of waterfall onto the ground making me slip.

Wind lashes against my face, blowing bugs and leaves against my face.

The rain, I should have looked at what the weather was going to be.


Color Haikus by Meya L.



Violet is the 

Deep Color of Hyacinths

Of peace and constance



Swirling gemstones and

The statement of crow feathers

Piercing like onyx



Honey is warm like

The color of desert sand

Gentle yet striking



Crimson, the color

Of spilled blood and enraged hearts


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The Festival by Barak


Cars honk

birds fly

what a nice day today

no sadness no sorrow just a nice and jolly day for all the joy in the world

The sun shines off the clean windows of cars

there is a nice big festival where all the jolly people dance and sing

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Where I’m from, By Elliot C


I am from the water splashing against the sand 

I am from the bottle dare which keeps me alive when I’m down under the water

 I am from the Redwoods, huge towering trees from above

 I am from nature, trekking through the terrain 

I am from music, listening to my Dad’s guitar 

I am from books, staying up late to finish that last chapter 

I am for my controller, always racing to be the best 

I’m from the shovel, working hard all day and night 

I am from the crossword puzzle, doing it with my grandma

 I am from the pool, smelling the chlorine

 I am from the backyard, always playing

 I am from God, believing that anything is possible 

I am from my parents, thanking them for everything they give me 

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Haunted House by Jasper B


Haunted House


The lights flicker in the house

knarled trees look like hands as they grab at me

the sun is covered by thick clouds with lightning and thunder.

I hear a stick snap behind me, I turn but there is no one in sight.

I feel the breathing on my neck as knarled hands take consciousness from me.

I wake up in a basement, the cold, damp room makes me shiver

as I hear an arrow coming out of its quiver

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Rain Haiku By: Patrick O


Drip, drop, splish, splash

Pitter, Patter, Pitter, plink

roooooaaaar, clash, bang, plink, pop

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Where I’m from -Michael.L


I am from comfy couches,

From bean bags and rocking chairs

I am from trampolines

bouncy, whistling, it sounded like squeaky stairs.


I am from tomato plants,

From lemon trees,

Whose branches were so fun to climb.


I’m from tacos and pasta

from Wendy and Bebo.


I’m from how was your day? and let’s go for a walk!

From time for dinner! and it’s a beautiful day!


I’m from hanging up ornaments,

From cooking a huge Thanksgiving feast.


I am from Pasadena and Armenia,

From the time Ethan caught that huge wave,

the time my mom finished the five-year Christmas stocking.


In my room, I have a diary.

I am from those pages in the diary filled with fond memories of summer.

I am from my ancestor’s lineage,

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