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By Barak



The Mongoose 

One quiet night there was a boy named Henry, who was about 12 years old. He was going to go get a birthday present for his mom. On the way there, there was an alleyway and Henry was always scared of it when he passed it. It was a dark and narrow alleyway like something you see out of a horror movie and it smelled like old beer. You couldn’t see what was in it, He imagined ghosts jumping from wall to wall. Goblins chasing all the mice, catching one and devouring it, bones and all. This time when he walked by he tried not to be intimidated by it. Then he heard something. Henry took a glimpse to the side to make sure there was nothing there, so he looked and it was just an A grey old fat cat. Henry hurried to the store, got his mom so makeup, and then ran home. When he got home, his dinner was waiting for him on the table. He had salmon and mac and cheese.  It was cold so he didn’t want to eat it so he put it at the bottom of the trash can. Lucky for him the next day they took the trash out, so he hid the present and then went straight to bed. 


Henry found himself right next to the alleyway. He felt like he had butterflies in his stomach and as if he was a wrecked ship sinking in the ocean but his shoes. There were two glowing yellow eyes as he passed he got closer and closer and closer to the eyes but couldn’t pull away. It was like his mind was telling him not to go to the yellow eyes but his body was telling him to go. He had a sluggish feeling then he suddenly woke up. It was exactly 2:37 when he was woken. The next day he walked to school. At school, Henry went on a field trip to the same store last night. The class needed some new pencils and markers. Henry didn’t want to go so he faked that he was sick and had to go home. Henry pulled it off and got to go home. Later that night he told his mom how he faked being sick so he could come home. Henry got in trouble but his mom said she was all so afraid of the same alleyway.


The next day Henry didn’t have to pass the alleyway but the day after he did. After that dream with the eyes, he was more afraid than ever. This time he was also braver. This time he walked in the alleyway. He saw nothing but darkness. Suddenly he felt the same feeling he felt before the night he got the makeup for his mom. He wanted to turn back but he knew he couldn’t. He went further in but saw nothing. Then he left and went home. The next day he wanted to go look around in the alleyway but couldn’t decide if he wanted to or not. He finally decided he was going to go but at day time when the sun was out. So later that day he went to the Alleyway and looked around. There were a big wall and lots of empty boxes and also some broken glass bottles and a clothing line. Henry was very excited that nothing was in the alleyway to eat him or something like that. He went home and told his mom what happened and she was very proud of him. Henry was never scared of the alleyway again.

Broken by Shelby T.


(This was the beginning of a longer story I will eventually find time to write)


When something breaks you throw it out. No matter how much you love the item it does not heal. My name is Leviathan Daniels or Levi Jeralds. And this is the story of my broken family.


– Levi –


“I hate the hospital,” I said to my Dad. My Dad looked down at me, he had dark brown hair streaked with grey that swirled on the top of his head like waves, coupled with his infamous brown leather trenchcoat, he smelled of sea salt and aftershave, he looked like a classic sailor, except for his eyes, his eyes were lavender, a perfect shade of light purple. 

“Why is that little Leviathan ?” he asked me in a gruff voice.

 “It smells like hand sanitizer, the doctors pretend to think my name is pretty, and ALWAYS think I’m a boy,” I complained to him as if he cared what I thought. 

“You don’t look like a boy,” my Dad said back to me Ha I thought to myself he wishes I were a boy, My hair was cut short, I was only allowed to wear boy clothes, and he gave me a “cool” boys name, Leviathan, after a ginormous evil sea monster that was said to be the spawn of the devil. I continued to daydream about what it would be like to be free to act like a girl and play with barbies or soccer balls, and not just read and learn how to sail a ship, morse code, or navy seal formations, when suddenly two very loud cries pierced through the silence of the hospital. 


~ Violet ~


“Violet,” said with a sweet voice 

“it’s time to wake up” I looked up and saw my sister looking at me through very tired but perfect lavender eyes, 

“it’s time to get ready”. As my eyes adjusted to the light I saw my sister more clearly, who was already dressed and ready. She was in our mother’s old clothes and she looked like Cinderella or Sleeping beauty when they weren’t in a poofy dress except for she looked overworked and sad. I hugged my stuffed bunny one last time and got out of bed. Today was an especially sad day and I need to be strong for Levi, it was my birthday. I heard from other kids that birthdays are supposed to be happy, but on this day Levi was sad, more sad than usual, so sad she stayed home from school. I always wondered why. I looked over to Levi when suddenly Dad came rushing up the stairs. 

“What are you wearing!” he shouted at Levi 

“You thief you stole those clothes from Diana!” I was scared and confused, father was furious but what scared me was Levi’s fear and confusion, I was still confused though because of Diana, who was Diana and why was the name familiar? I was snapped back into reality when my father took a knife out of his pocket and cut Levi across her beautiful face. I let out a surprised yelp as my poor sister collapsed onto the floor sobbing and bleeding hard. He turned around to face me with broken lavender eyes, full of sadness and rage, no room for love. He started to walk towards me ready to stab me, I started to scream, but all of a sudden he stopped. I heard quiet whispers from the other side of the room and my father began to scream with me. We both looked at my sister who was whispering in a language I have never heard. She looked strange, unhinged, scared, and even evil. For a few moments she looked like a trapped princess but now she looked like Maleficent, or the Evil Queen torturing others. Father began to call my sister horrible names, Demon, Witch, and several others that I flinched when he said. Father screamed Demon one last time and he fell to the floor his last words echoing in the wooden attic. 

“Grab your stuff…we are leaving.” Were the first words I heard after our father died before we became orphans.



  • Jamieson Jeralds +


“Mr. Jeralds this is incredibly important.” said the old lady working at the Orphanage. This woman looks like she is from the Middle Ages I thought to myself, but being me I had to be nice to her.

 “Ah, yes I am just excited about adopting,” I said smoothly to her. I am not lying though I thought, I was heartbroken when Lilia discovered she could not have kids. I decided to adopt and she liked that idea so here I am today, the richest man in the world, Jameson Jerelds is going to adopt a child. No matter what the ridiculous journalists say there is nothing wrong with that. 

“Would you like to look at all the kids Mr. Jeralds?” the old bat said.

 “Yes I’ll take a look” I replied as she led me into a small playroom. I took a look around the room, most of the kids were drooling toddlers who were barely old enough to walk, except for two. They were sitting in the corner of the room, the older one was tanned with auburn hair and lavender eyes, the younger had extremely pale skin, with jet black hair and very dark blue eyes. Despite the fact they looked like opposites you could tell they were sisters. The older one looked as if she was fighting back a sea of tears, but what shocked me the most was an ugly and painful-looking scar, right across her subdued face. I felt bad for these two, most adults picked the younger ones, but both looked like they had been through a lot and needed a real home. I decided to go talk to them. 



  • Levi –



I held Violet in my arms as I watched the man circle around the room, he was clearly very rich. He had a golden watch, a navy blue suit, hazelnut colored hair, and dark skin, he looked like the opposite of my lunatic father, a man despite his fishing knowledge refused to get a job, who abused his kids, who forced me a sad little twelve-year-old to give my sister a chance at a good life. The rich man continued to look around the room until he saw us. I ignored him knowing he was just shocked by my hideous scar, but what surprised me was when he started walking towards us. He came up to our corner and kneeled down in front of us. Violet turned around to face the man and she said 

“Hi” to him meekly. 

“Hello there,” he said back 

“What are your names?”  my sister squeezed my hand and answered the rich man’s question

“My name is Violet” the man replied with a nice 

“You know violet is one of my favorite colors” My sweet little sister positively beamed at that statement, but then he asked me what was my name, and instead of lying I said my name was 

“Leviathan” he did well to hide his shock, but I was testing to see if he would make me change my name or just get freaked out and pick one of the babies. 

“Well Leviathan that may be THE coolest name I have ever heard, other than Violet of course,” he said but before I could say anything else he told us 

“Listen, I want to adopt you both, and I am here to ask if it’s ok with you.” That caught me by surprise, I thought he just wanted to talk to us to “cheer us up” by giving us false hope that we would be adopted. This man was different. He wanted to adopt us, to raise us, despite myself I actually had hope that we would be happy, and have our own bed to sleep in, and be fed actual food. It was going to be me and Violets happily ever after. I began to cry, “Yes”, “Please adopt us.”


~ Violet ~


“Is this really our new home, Mr. Jeralds?” I said half believing this was all a dream “Yes it is, but you can call me Dad.” 

“Oki, Dad” 

“Do we get a mom too?” I asked excitedly. Levi stopped in her tracks, I stopped too. 

“Sorry Levi” I apologized in a whisper, 

“It’s OK,” Levi said back smiling, her face and her eyes were still beautiful even with her scar, but there was also so much pain and I could tell Levi was not OK. She might never be OK again. I thought sadly as I explored the house, but I will never forget what she has sacrificed for me. I will always love her, I promised to myself, always.

Horseback riding stories By Ansley B


Horseback Riding stories

By Ansley Brosseau

Horse Jumping 

 Jumping is definitely one of the most awesome things about horseback riding, in my opinion. I just started jumping, and it’s amazing! But it can be pretty dangerous. One time there was this really advanced rider, and she was preparing for her jump. The horse kicked the dirt and flew off and did the jump. She jumped the jump. Her horse jumped and started bucking her off. The horse was bucking extremely high. His mane was flying in the air. Trying to hold on as tight as she could, her hand slipped, and the rider fell to the ground. Dust clouded the air as she fell straight down but didn’t injure herself, gladly.  It’s been almost two years, and I still remember that frightening moment. That’s why I like jumping, not getting bucked off part, but because it’s a fun and scary challenge

Pole course 

 This was the most horrific moment of horseback riding I’ve gone through. In my lesson, we were about to do a pole course. (a pole course is where you jump over poles in a certain order) and my teacher just told us what to do on the pole course. Usually, we trot over poles but instead this time we cantered the last pole. The last person was going and she did the pole course great and she was about to canter. The horse she was riding was named Brando. She started kicking to get Brando to move, then when she was cantering she was in a weird position. You’re usually supposed to lean forward but not to forward and she was leaning really forward. The horse got frightened and was like what is on my back. Brando started bucking. It was spinning around multiple times. Eventually, she lost her balance and fell off

My teacher said in a very serious voice “Let’s try to get on again and just trot not canter”

But the girl didn’t hear my teacher so she started cantering. She did a very nice canter but the girl did the same position. Brando bucked her off again except it wasn’t as bad as the other one. He just did high jumps and she fell off. I was so thrilled to see her get bucked off a 2nd time because usually when you get bucked off a horse you don’t get bucked off again. 

This is Brando you might think he’s mean but he’s actually really sweet

The trail ride 

 I did horse camp every summer at the stables but obviously not this summer because of COVID-19 and I probably wouldn’t have done it anyway but I’d probably have been a helper that helps around the camp. At summer camp we always go on a trail ride by the beach and it’s sooooo fun and relaxing. I rode this horse named Shorty. But he isn’t short, he’s pretty big. On the way back my sister was in front of me riding this horse named Misty. Misty always starts horse fights she always has her ears back which means she’s always mad. She also tries to bite the other horses too. She lives with 3 other horses in a big stall. The other horses’ names are cowboy and walle. So one time I fed Walle a carrot and Misty got jealous and started chasing and biting Walle. That’s how mean she is. But she’s nice to people which is good. So when we were heading back to the stables Misty got in a fight with Shorty and started bucking at each other and screaming at each other but it wasn’t high or else I and my sister would have fallen on the concrete which would have been bad. They didn’t do big jumps when they were bucking they did little jumps but oh misty got mad. The reason why Misty started bucking was that she doesn’t like horses or Shorty got too close to Misty. It was fun getting bucked in the air for some reason.This is Misty                         This is Cowboy

This is Walle


Cantering is also one of the best things about horseback riding. Cantering is running for us. The reason why I love cantering is that you get to go fast. In this story luckily no one got hurt. There was a girl who was on a horse named Danny. She was getting ready to canter and she cantered for a few seconds and then Danny got spooked by something and took off running and he almost started galloping and you usually can’t gallop in an arena because the arena is usually too small. The girl that was riding Danny had lost her balance and fell off a Danny. Danny started cantering without her because she fell off. It’s very dangerous for a horse to start cantering without the rider because they could hurt themselves, start chasing other horses, bucking, so it’s really dangerous but he didn’t do anything except cantering around the arena to be with the other horses. The girl fell off but she didn’t get hurt. She just got really muddy. When she fell off she didn’t want to go back on Danny but my teacher made her or else she probably would have quit. The girl and Danny were both alright. 

This is Danny (he was just eating food and he can be messy when he eats)

Ansley B.

Ansley loves to horseback ride and has been doing it for 4 years. She started jumping a few months ago and loves it. She recently started riding on a completely different horse than she was riding for 3 years. Luckily Ansley has never fallen or has gotten bucked off a horse.

The Haunted Classroom


The Haunted Classroom

Written by Justin R.



Mrs. Robertson was a notoriously mean teacher. Whenever someone found out that they got her as a teacher, they begged their parents to let them switch schools. Mrs. Robertson was a lonely 92-year-old woman. She had been teaching for 60 years, well not really teaching, because most of the time she was just making the kids feel bad. The reason that she was so mean is that when she first started teaching, all the kids made fun of how she taught. When she found out, she was mad and started to get very mean.

There are still people who make fun of her, like the school bullies. They kept calling her a witch, but little did they know, they were not wrong. She really was a witch. She brewed potions, cast spells, and all the other stereotype witch stuff. One day she had just had enough of it, so she did what any other reasonable person would do, she cast a spell on the school that could never be broken.


Luke and his friends were on their virtual basketball court playing 2 on 2 at lunch when Jesse started to lag. No one usually lags, the VR headsets at school usually have good FPS ( Frames Per Second ). Then everyone but Aaron and Luke was lagging. All the other kids’ headsets were turning red and were burning. Everyone took off their headsets and threw them on the ground and when they looked up, they saw a hologram of Mrs. Robertson. She was casting a curse. She also said that this was only the first curse. She said, “The first curse will cut power throughout the entire county, and the curses will only get worse”.

The kids didn’t know what else could be worse than not having electricity. Their entire lives revolved around electricity. No one could see each other or text or call each other. They had to see and talk to each other in person and couldn’t online. None of the AI or robots worked either so they had to cook and get drinks by themselves. Now they knew what it was like 200 years ago at least. Life was so much harder.

Then, the curse got worse. It cut all the water that went to the town, so now not only was there no indoor entertainment, there was also no indoor water. There were no streams or rivers anywhere near the town so people were running miles to try and find water. Luke was told to do the same thing. He met Jesse on the way. Once they found a river, they started filling water bottles. The water was gross and smelt terrible. They didn’t have any filters either so the water tastes bad too.

The next thing that happened was when earthquakes started. They weren’t very big, but they were nonstop. Nothing was falling, but it was all shaking and no one got any sleep because of the noise. The school had been canceled because everyone was so tired. At least they didn’t have to go to school. Jesse and Luke met up and hung out at Jesse’s house. “Hey Jesse, didn’t you start all this with your bad shooting, I think that headset got mad at you,” Luke said jokingly. They both laughed at his joke. There was 

not much laughter in times like these. 

They needed a way to stop all this from happening. But first, they needed to find out what was causing all these things, so they went to the school to find out more about Mrs. Robertson. They searched through all of her old books, records, and news clippings about her. They even figured out how to work the tape recorder and watched old tapes about her. They were reading one of her records when they found out that people were starting to think she was being suspicious. They sent people to her house to see what they could find. It was looking a lot like a witch’s hut. There were jars of weird potions and caldrons everywhere. They arrested her for reasons unknown. 

The two boys went out into the woods to find the hut. They searched all day until they found it. They went inside right as it got dark, this was not very smart.  The door was creaky. The wind was howling in their faces. When they were inside, They started to explore. They heard a mysterious whistling noise, and when they turned around, they saw Mrs. Robertson, not a ghost, not a hologram but her. She was sitting in a creaky old rocking chair. She then spoke, “I drank a potion that gave me immortality, I cannot die.” The boys could definitely tell. She was extremely old looking. She locked the doors so the boys could not get out. “No one will ever know that I’m still alive, and you boys won’t tell anyone.” She cast a spell and Jesse and Luke both fell to the ground. They were paralyzed. They were frozen on the ground. She then accidentally unparalyzed Luke and he instantly ran over to her and stole her wand, this stole all her power from her. He unparalyzed Jesse then snapped the wand in half and they broke a window with a broom that they found and escaped.

They reported it to the police. They burnt the wand to ash. The police then burnt the hut to the ground. When the news got out, Luke and Jesse were heroes! They were interviewed by big news channels and then became famous. But they were still confused about one thing, what happened to Mrs. Robertson?

Later that night when everyone was asleep, no one heard the eerie cry of a mysterious whistle…


About The Author

Justin R. lives in the California area. His other hobbies are playing sports and cooking. He is 11 years old. He is also in 6th grade. They wrote this story in 6B English. “Be ready for a Haunted Classroom 2!” He says. He has a brother named Lil Bil.                                                                                        

He does not really have a brother named Lil Bil.

Vaulted to the Finish by Colette D.


Ricky 3000 by Allen Klingel III



The Outbreak by Jasper B.


And Then She Died By Meya Lin


Confusion by Ian E.


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