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100 word week #27 Shahnawaz A.


Today was a very weird day. Today was a very random day. In school, we watched a movie about a happy, purple, elephant painting a violin. Random, right? Then in music, we LEARNED how to play the violin! In art, we painted a bright purple elephant! It’s like this whole day was revolving around the movie! Then, I realized, there was something was missing. The elephant was happy. I wasn’t happy. Nothing happy was happening to me. I was sad. Really sad. Everyone was really happy, but I was not. Life constantly made me sad, and I don’t know why.

100 word Challenge By EmberS scene from Flygirl


As Ida prepared herself for yet another swimming lesson with Lily, she could hear some other girls practicing their violins. Ida smiled, then slid into the frigid water. Lily soon joined her, looking very warm and happy, and she was wearing her purplepainted swimsuit. “So Ida, today we are going, to begin with learning a new stroke! It’s called the aqua elephant, and it’s quite fun!” said Lily. She then began to whirl and move her body in such a way across the pool that Ida couldn’t help but laugh. Lily looked back at Ida for a moment, then playfully leaped on top of her, splashing in the water.

100 Word Challenge by Cameron P


Donovan and Noah went on a bus to go on a field trip back to the old academy. Donovan had a bag full of spray paint and they had planned to spray tags across the academy. Upon arrival, Donovan and Noah sprinted out and into the academy. In the front, Noah sprayed a happy elephant painted purple playing the violin. Donovan sprayed King in a classroom while Noah sprayed a dark silhouette in another. Repeating this process of throwing up different tags across the school until they were caught when they got caught Donovan woke up it was a dream.

Elephant, Painted, Purple, Violin, Happy


Quinn Miron 

100 Word Challenge Week 27 

I was walking in the park enjoying every activity to be watched when arriving at a park. I noticed many exciting attractions going on just before my eyes. I saw a happy violinist playing a joyful tune upon his violin. I dropped some money into his jar that put a wide smirk on his face and he thanked me gratefully. Again I noticed a squirrel harvesting his nuts for the winter season ahead. I then noticed something peculiar that caught my eye, it was an elephant painted purple! The elephant then lowered its trunk and propped me on his back. 


100 Word Challenge (Week #27) by Sora P


100 Word Challenge

As elephants march through the parade, I see their purple-painted banners on their backs. While they march, I hear the violins singing their beautiful song as I hear the happy cheers from the children and I can feel the happy vibe that’s around the air. The good vibe is sickening to my dark, hallow, and lonely atmosphere. I turn around to find a stranger popping out of nowhere. Before I could say anything, he starts talking about random things and spitting droplets of his saliva onto me. I turn around and run away from the annoying, bothersome, and awful event.

100 Word Challenge Cameron P


Bob’s family were having a regular breakfast in their English home. Bob wanted toast and was offered vegemite or marmite. Bob’s mother put vegemite on Bob’s toast but Bob refused to eat it. His mother said I thought you liked marmite. But he said no I like marmite. Bob proceeded to throw the piece of toast at a wall and storm off outside the house. Bob went out into town and ran into a restaurant. Bob ordered toast and marmite. After he got his food he bit into the toast and realised something was wrong very wrong it was vegemite.

100 Word Challenge (prompt Marmite) By EmberS


Ecstatic, Joey walked through the wide double-doors of the baking-competition building. Once the timer started & the race began, slowly, Joey began to fail. His cakes were horrendously burnt, his frosting wad astoundingly liquidy, & he had only three minutes remaining. Panicky, Joey grabbed a jar of Vegemite & decided to ditch his cake & frosting idea & make Scones & put Vegemite on them instead. Once he brought his platter to the judges, he could tell they were appalled. Joey stared into the lead chef-judges eyes & asked “Do you like my Vegemite & scones?”  “It was horrible, so, no.” he said, “I like marmite better, anyway.”

100 word challenge week #26 Tatum L


I knocked on the door of my American friend’s house. He opened the door and took a bite of the toast he was holding in his hand. “Hello,” he said. “Ready to study?” “Yep,” I responded. We had a Math test to study for that made up half of our grade so we had to be very prepared. “Want some toast?” he asked me. He had been going through a toast faze I had no idea why. “Sure,” I responded. “Want jam on it?” he asked me. I shook my head. “How about butter?” “No thanks. I like marmite best. 

Soul Prophecy Competition by Meya L


The nightmares plagued me, day and night, a portal to 1692 that wouldn’t shut. They went something like this:

“Did you hear what happened to Mr. Marshall this week?” asked Elizabeth. Elizabeth was a friend, and Mr. Marshall was my nosy next-door neighbor who glared at everything through his soot-covered curtains when he thought nobody was looking. 

“No, what happened?” 

“He’s had a run of bad luck ever since you accidentally broke his fence yesterday,” explained Elizabeth, stifling a giggle. 

“And… why are you telling me this?”

“I’m afraid he might accuse you of being a witch,” Elizabeth said, suddenly changing her voice to a nervous murmur. “Be careful, okay? Try not to go out too often.”

This was ridiculous. I’d heard the stories of witches, but it wasn’t like I had any witch-y attributes.  

After Elizabeth left, I paced the house in boredom, glancing at the family painting. Suddenly, I remembered Father. Wasn’t he supposed to be home by now? A swift knock perked me up, and I scurried toward the door. Too excited to check, I threw open the door, wearing a dazzling grin, just to realize it was only the constable and Mr. Marshall. 

“May we come in?” asked Mr. Marshall. His face hosted a triumphant smirk, accompanied by two chilling eyes that made me want to slam the door in their faces and hide in the attic forever. 

“Y-yes,” I stammered, avoiding his cold gaze. 

The two men walked into the kitchen and made themselves at home. 

“Do you know why we are here, Alice?” The constable paused, waiting for my answer, then thought better of it and droned on. “Mr.  Marshall here has accused you of witchcraft, young lady. That means unless we can prove your innocence, you will be hanged.”

Two minutes, and I was already sweating profusely. “I-I assure you, I’m not a witch. I’m right-handed, I don’t own any animal-shaped marks,–”

“See? I told you she was a witch!” Mr. Marshall growled. “She knows every single witch’s mark, yet she is still a little girl.”

“Now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?” the constable replied, though I could tell Mr. Marshall was winning him over. “There is another way to prove your innocence. We’ll take your piss, bake it into a cake. If the dog eats it, you’re safe. If it doesn’t…we’ll talk about it when it comes to that. Sounds fair enough, right?”

It didn’t sound fair at all, but I nodded anyway. 

The next morning, we laid the cake on the porch, half of us hoping the dog would eat it. The other half, well, let’s just say they thought I was a witch. The dog bounded up to the cake, took one sniff at it, and ran away. My face paled as I realized what came next. 

“Tomorrow, at the gallows?”

I glanced frantically at my father, but his expression betrayed nothing as he gave the tiniest hint of a nod. 

“Very well. See you later, witch.”

Hiku Patrick O


Listen the seaguls

Cawing, soaring through the sky

Seagulls are lucky

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