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Trust Your Gut By: Karen B


Trust Your Gut A young boy the age of 12 walks to school everyday the same route, a dog is always next to a fence barking at him, he never knew what the dog wanted. He had a gut feeling that he was trying to tell him something, but he never had time to stop. […]

Kyian Groans in Despair by Meya L


The shield had been there for as long as 12-year-old Kyian was alive, protecting the town from the toxins that now polluted the Earth. But now, and for some reason in a time when she just had to be alive, the shield was breaking, first it was tiny cracks, then there was the Hole. The […]

Ralf and the Impossible Prison by JLZ


Agency report codename F|4M1nG() There was a prison break that was thwarted @33?w8vs/2w Error System malfunction Errorrrrrr…   Sorry for that rude interruption but if you are expecting a fairy tale you failed to find it epically.  Let’s start with the beginning. My name is Ralf and I’m a cactus. But not just any cactus, […]

Where I’m from, By Elliot C


I am from the water splashing against the sand  I am from the bottle dare which keeps me alive when I’m down under the water  I am from the Redwoods, huge towering trees from above  I am from nature, trekking through the terrain  I am from music, listening to my Dad’s guitar  I am from […]

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The Women in the Cottage by Meya L


Even though my head is buried under the covers and the windows are closed, I still hear the wails. Groaning, I methodically throw off the snow-white sheets. I slip on my work shoes and stagger outside. I fling open the shed doors to find a shovel, specifically one with rust and a sharp point. Suddenly, […]

First Sail By: Patrick O


My parents, my brother, and I had barely gotten away from the dock on our 22-foot boat Ipecat. That’s when the motor cut out. The silence was deafening. We were in the middle of the harbor with boats, lots of boats: big boats, small boats, clean boats, dirty boats, fishing boats, whale watching boats, commercial […]

The Beginning of the End By: Sora P


Beginning of the End Sora P            Once there were twins. The twins had an unbreakable relationship with each other since they were young. Though, the twins were opposites. It would seem like they wouldn’t belong together. One girl was a very kind girl. While the other was a rude, bad […]

Haunted House by Jasper B


Haunted House   The lights flicker in the house knarled trees look like hands as they grab at me the sun is covered by thick clouds with lightning and thunder. I hear a stick snap behind me, I turn but there is no one in sight. I feel the breathing on my neck as knarled […]

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Rain Haiku By: Patrick O


Drip, drop, splish, splash Pitter, Patter, Pitter, plink roooooaaaar, clash, bang, plink, pop

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The Outbreak Jasper B


The Outbreak   My friend, my parents, and I went camping in the woods for spring break, but when we came back, we were the only ones that weren’t infected.    Chapter 1   “RING” went the bell. “Hi Nick, hi Asher,” my parents said to my friend and me. “Are you ready to go […]

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